The Evil, The Foolish, The Wise

Published May 12, 2015


Leading OthersTeam Building

God has called you to be a steward over the vision He has given you. What do you do when challenging people are preventing you from moving forward, the vision God has called you to? Dr. Henry Cloud teaches through how to lead, who he calls, the Evil, the Foolish, and the Wise.

About the Speaker(s)
Henry Cloud

Dr. Henry Cloud

Clinical Psychologist & Acclaimed Leadership Expert

Leadership University

Dr. Cloud is an acclaimed leadership expert and psychologist who draws on his extensive experience in business, leadership consulting, clinical psychology and church ministry, imparting practical and effective wisdom for growing in Christ. Dr. Cloud is a New York Times best-selling author with more than 45 of his books selling over 20 million copies; his book Boundaries sold over 8 million copies, changing countless lives. For over three decades, Dr. Cloud has counseled hundreds of individuals and served thousands of churches and ministries around the globe.

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